The objective of this project was to turn a dark 70’s kitchen in this newly acquired beach-front property into a light and welcoming weekend family retreat.  The owner wanted a white-on-white space that would serve as a backdrop to the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean through the floor-to-ceiling living room windows. The owner also wanted everything in the kitchen to be cleverly stored inside the cabinets.  The results of this careful planning would be that no items would need to live on the countertops and become a distraction from the white space and views. In addition, she wanted anyone to be able to enjoy using the space and be delighted to discover that items were stored logically where and how they made the most sense.

The careful planning of many elements created the seamless look and feel of the space. The flush cabinet doors opening with touch latches, the hood camouflaged into cabinetry, and the tile fit perfectly into the backsplash so the grout lines are at the same time unobtrusive and yet still part of the quiet geometry of the space.  The Sub-Zero Refrigerator, Miele Dishwasher, and Crystal Recycling Pullout handles were powder coated in white to be less noticeable. The white art along with the white globe pendant lights create interest without demanding attention. The final element making this an inviting space is the sunlight that streams in with its warm and balancing rays.